Watch Me Loose It

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now why did I sign up for this?

Okay yesterday started Operation Get My Groove Back aka OGMGB. Justin and I had a talk (okay he talked and I pretty much nodded and wept). I need to get over this slump I have been in and get back to where I was. So he reduced my calorie intake from 1800 to 1500. (holy batman). And I took on a couple of challenges.

Last night was Zumba night! Oh how I love Monday's just because of that. Seriously, I have a hard time wrapping my head around something being THAT fun, being exercise! I have never found anything that I just LOVE to do before I guess. And that is totally making all the difference in the world right now.

I mean where else can you get these kind of results, and have a blast at the same time? If you have not tried Zumba please give it a chance. If I can do it, ANYONE can. And if you are in the Tri City Area (where I live), let me know I will drag your butt to class with me!

So this is how yesterday broke down. I was VERY please with myself, and after seeing this.

I think I can totally handle it. It will just take me a few days to get back into my killer zone that I was in before, but I know I can do it. I want it bad again.

Today I started Jillian's 30 Day shred. Not only did I finish it without totally dying or quitting, but I also talked Micheal (my 14 year old son) into doing it with me. It was so nice to have him on the side of me cheering me on. So far that is the best part of this journey, is FINALLY being about to teach my kids healthy things. I look forward to seeing if we both can stick to this for 30 days. I have heard many good things about this. But it will talk discipline. I hope we BOTH can do it.

This week I have planned out all our meals. I have planned lunches, breakfast, and snacks for me for the week too. It feels pretty good, not to wonder what I am going to eat, and it feels really good, to have it there so that I can make the RIGHT choices.

Tonight is my first session of the week with Justin. I am working on not totally dreading these again. I feel like I have lost so much ground these past couple of months. I feel so out of shape (which DUH I am), but I was really feeling stronger until LIFE. I am hoping that I can get that feeling back again. It was a wonderful feeling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

100 Things to do in 2011 (well 89)

Some time in December a coworker and blogger friend posted a status saying she was thinking what she could do for her New Years resolution. I suggested that we all make a list of 100 things that we wanted to do in 2011 instead. And each month we could do an update post about where we are on completing our list. Well as things started spinning out of control towards the end of December I never completed my list, I only had 89 things on my list, so instead of 100 things I want to do in 2011, I have 89 and here they are.

1. Read/Listen to 12 books.
2. Complete a 5k under 45 mins.
3. Weigh less than 250lbs
4. Throw out all my 'fat' clothes
5. Cook 12 new recipes
6. Complete 7 days of 100% of diet and exercises in a row.
7. Complete Project 365
8. Clean Spare Room
9. Purge shoe collection
10. Purge purse collection
11. Start taking a multi vitamin
12. Be more understanding
13. Leave work stress at home.
14. Call my mom more.
15. Pay for a strangers coffee.
16. Be a better blogger.
17. Plan a date night at least once a month.
18. Start a Christmas kitty.
19. Plant veggie garden in the spring
20. Try 6 new veggies
21. Try 6 new fruits
22. Run a 5K
23. Ride my bike to Anna's
24. Ride my bike to the Lake.
25. Learn to Knit/crochet
26. Complete a 5K with David
27. Have a family portrait made.
28. Cook/Plan better dinners during the week
29. Pre plan lunches for the week and stick to it.
30. Drink more water, at least 150 oz a day
31. Go meatless for 1 day a week.
32. Turn spare room into a work out room
33. Complete at least one art journal page per week following the caravan
34. Exercise 5 days a week, more if I can
35. Be fitted for a new bra
36. Get contacts and wear them
37. Donate to a cause that means something to me.
38. Embrace myself. Quit hiding from old friends.
39. Form a Pokeno group
40. Go to a painting party.
41. Host a painting party.
42. Start a budget for bills and stick to it.
43. Be a better house keeper.
44. Start/join a book club
45. Be comfortable in the from row of Zumba
46. Try 1200 calories for 1 week.
47. Weigh less than 200 lbs.
48. Set monthly goals.
49. Set rewards for those goals.
50. Invite people over more often.
51. Make my bed everyday.
52. Find a church that suits me.
53. Try harder at work.
54. Do something kind and unexpected for someone.
55. Make 3 new friends.
56. Do something outside my comfort zone.
57. Get a new tattoo, something tied to my journey
58. Try Pilates
59. Go to another Broadway Show
60. Go to a concert
61. Jog for 1 continuous mile
62. Motivate some one to get healthy
63. Be comfortable in my own skin.
64. Take a special trip for our 20th anniversary
65. Do a 5K for a month for the whole year.
66. Learn not to hate them before the year is over.
67. Write/send notes to people who inspire me.
68. Organize/hang all my clothes
69. Complete couch to 5K program
70. Start couponing again.
71. Log 40 miles a month
72. Be comfortable nekkid.
73. Try to cuss less.
74. Wear a bathing suit with out dying on the inside.
75. Wear a sun dress without feeling like a whale.
76. Buy/wear matching underwear
77. Be rid of the sock basket.
78. Be more diligent in tracking my food intake.
79. Find another exercises/workout that I love
80. Eat 6 fruits/veggies a day
81. Be able to reach toes for own pedicure
82. To find an answer/solution about Davids health
83. Weekly grocery shop
84. Plan one on one time with the kids.
85. Plan family night ones a month.
86. Once a week use my lunch hour for exercise.
87. Learn to make Davids favorite cookies
88. Wash my face every day BEFORE working out
89. Learn a new craft for next years Christmas gifts.