Watch Me Loose It

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on David

It's been crazy nuts here. David's recovery was pretty much halted Monday. We took him to see the DR and he said if nothing had changed or if he got worse to let him know. Tuesday rolls around and the pain was unbearable. We arrived at the DR's office as they were writing his admittance papers. His colon was spasming so hard, it was like he was in labor. It would spasm every 7 minutes or so, and cause so much pain, he almost passed out at lunch. They admitted him around 11 am and it would take the next 9 hours and 6 different medications for the spasms to stop. But FINALLY they did stop. Thank to the lord!

We were told that he has too many nerves firing in his colon, causing it to contract so much its closing off. And instead of being smooth contractions like we all have (your colon is contracting right now). It's seizing down on itself. They sent the sample of his colon to at DR at Yale and we are awaiting word for a final diagnostics. So as of now he has to take medication every 3 hours so that they do not start back up again. I was finally able to bring him home today. Boy I tell you, I am not sure how much more of this we can take. I hope Monday brings some answers.

So if you have some extra prayers laying around that are not in use we could sure use a few.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers so far.
(the following post will be happier I promise)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas....

My new friend gave to me, some awesome smelling Anti-Bacterial soap and a sweet note!

I have never smelled this fragrance before and I am in LOVE! It's called Moonlit Path and it has now become my favorite!

On the second day of Christmas my new friend gave to me, a beautiful fabric covered art journal! I can't tell you how excited this gifty made me. I have so many ideas that I want to one day fill it up with!

On the third day of Christmas my new friend gave to me, Some Minnesota Snowflakes!

Seriously have you every seen anything so cute? Look at what she did to the bottom. You see where they are Made in...Nope not China.... Minnesota! LOL

On the fourth day of Christmas my new friend gave to me, a crochet book mark that is just gorgeous! I love the colors and how it fits perfectly in my book.

I think that should catch me up! This has been a real highlight of my day opening these little gifts. Not only to me, but my whole family. As you know we are going through hell right now, but every morning both the kids run in to remind me to open a gift. They love to see what I get. David even asked from the hospital if I was remembering to open my presents.
Thank you so much Julie for being my partner. I can not wait to see what the rest of the days has in store for me!

This past weekend Anna, Kathy and I participated in The Celebration inthe Oaks fun walk. It was a 2 mile walk in New Orleans City Park. The City Park in New Orleans, La is the second largest urban park, with the first being Central Park in New York. I know right! How cool is that little tidbit!

As you can see we went dressed for the occasion, along with the other 3,500 other people there! This was the biggest event I have ever been to, and it was AWESOME! It was so cool to see all the different costumes and families that showed up. Next year I plan on wearing a TuTu! I think my friend Carla makes them, and by next year she won't have to use nearly as much fabric as she would have this year. LOL

Here was my final time. Not too bad, I didn't do it to beat my time, or to make a certain time. I did it for the exercise and to spend time with my crazy friends. But you wanna know something really freaking cool??

All these people finished AFTER me! Oh yeah I was no where near the last person to finish this race baby! No way! That in itself made the walk worth it.

This week Justin was back and ready for action. And by action I mean ready to kick my ass all over the gym. But before he handed me my ass on a platter, he weighed me. I am down 17 pounds since the last time I weighed with him!!!! That puts me at 291!!!!! Holy batman! I am almost out of the 290's forever! I feel some new progress pics in the making. Maybe I can get David to take some this weekend. I know there is a difference, because pants that I have been waiting to wear because they were too snug, are now just a tiny bit too big! That is very exciting for me. I am happy he is back and ready for the rest of my transformation.
Before I go I have to share one more thing. Tuesday as they are admitting David to the hospital I get a call from one of the owners of my gym. She left me a message to call her back. Once I got David all settled in, I have her a call and she asked when the next time I was coming in. That they had something they wanted to give me. I told them that Justin was back and that I would be in the next night and she said to come before six. So last night I head over to warm up before my session, and Sadie catches me and brings me to the office. She told me that I was such an inspiration and that they loved seeing me work and my transformation so far, that they wanted to give me a gift. She handed me the cutest gift bag EVER, and I said that Tory had been wanting to give me this for a while.

OMG! YES this is what you think it is! This is MY OWN GRUVE!!! I have been wanting one of these types of calorie counters for a while. I had actually had one on my Christmas list, but since this crap storm, I just put it on the back burner. Now I have one!! I hugged her neck and told her thank you a million times! I will find Tory and hug and thank her too. This has to be THE nicest thing anyone has every done for me. EVER! When I got home I even cried. I have never thought of myself as an inspiration much. I am just a chic trying to do this for good this time. And with the help of some AWESOME people, it has now gotten just a little bit easier.

I am one lucky girl!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday Again

Man, I can't seem to find a minute to myself here lately. I promise I have not abandon you guys, just hard to stop long enough to blog. FINALLY today I have a minute. I will try and keep things light, even though all I really want to do is throw myself a pity party.
The first couple days after David came home Kayla's car broke down. We found out that she needs a water pump and a timing belt. UGGGGG! And if anyone knows, her car is not the best car in the world. We just needed it to last until January when she got her income tax's and school started. So with only one car, its been a royal pain for us BOTH to get back and forth to work. David normal fixes things. He's still down. Not able to do much. It's killing him.
David is...well I don't know. This time things are not going as smoothly as they did for his previous procedures. He has stayed in pain pretty much since they sent him home. Today I called the DR. Because things are not moving like they should if you know what I mean. (Sorry TMI I know..But my blog my rules). As soon as I told the nurse what was going on the DR wanted us to come in now. We went to see him and he sent us right over to the hospital for testing. After testing we went back to the DR office. The DR said that he is trying to get in touch with the lab that has the portion of his colon that he sent for biopsy. He is hoping that his colon is just moving slow because of the trauma of surgery. He called today to have the section they took out further tested. He wants to test the cells. He wants to make sure he has enough for his colon to work properly. That would explain all the trouble he has had for the past several years. But I don't know what that would mean for the future. I am worried about him. And I can tell the DR is too. He said he is worried because David doesn't seem to be recovering at the same rate as he did for his previous surgeries. He said he knows this was a lot more, but he should be on the up swing by now. Monday will make 2 weeks post-op.
So with that, I am extremely frustrated. I am frustrated that we don't have any more answers. I am frustrated that he is not feeling better. I am frustrated that it is 15 days before Christmas and I don't even want to plug in my Christmas tree. I bought all sorts of outside decor and I am praying I can find the receipt because I don't want to put it out. I just want my money back. I just want all this holly jolly junk to be over, because I am not feeling it. It's hard to be happy when you are are worrying 24/7.

Okay pitty party over. We went back to Zumba last night. Anna and bought the punch card. 10 classes for $40. That makes each class $4 each. Not to shabby. I actually remembered my watch so I was able to see how much I moved.

50 minutes. 947 calories burned. I will take it. I think we will stick to Monday nights. I enjoyed the instructor more than the one last night. Last nights class seemed like there was a lot of choreography. By the time I caught on, they were moved on to something else. Don't get me wrong I was faking it all the way. But I felt like Monday's class gave me a better work out.
For all of you that have asked about my watch.
Here is a link to it. And from the looks of it, its even on sale. I paid right at $25 for mine. I totally love it. I do not wear it all the time. Just during my work outs. I find it is great for setting a goal and hitting it at the gym. It makes ME work harder.

Before all this crazy junk happened this month, I had told David that I would like one that I wear all the time. Something like the Body Bugg, Fit Bit, Gruve or any of the other 100's of monitors they have out now. I think I would work that much harder seeing DAILY in and out. Maybe for my birthday in June.

Oh I got some GREAT news yesterday. Justin should be back next week! He has been released for light duty and is ready to get back into work. I am both happy and freaking scared! I am really ready to be pushed, I am ready to get my head back in the game. I am ready for his scale and to make some stats official! But I worry that I should wait until this crap storm passes. But then I think I NEED this. I need to have some control over something. So I confirmed Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

In this storm I forgot to mention that Anna, Kathy and I signed up for another walk/run. This one is only 2 miles. It's called Celebration in the Oaks and its in New Orleans. After the walk we get admission to the huge Christmas light display in City Park. Anna bought us antlers to wear during the walk. Everyone is always decked out in Christmasy stuff. I hope I can pull it off. I will be sure to post some pics when I get home.

Monday should start the 12 days of Christmas fun! My partner
Julie got her package yesterday. I can't wait for her to start opening all her presents. I plan to post every day with a photo of what I got! Maybe this will bring me some cheer that I so desperately need right now. That's what I am hoping for the most. :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday

Wow! It's almost 11 PM! I should have my hiney in bed! After a 2 week hiatus from the gym, Anna and I hit a local Zumba class tonight. OMG It was everything, I have heard and more. At first I thought I would be intimidated but I just went with it. The music was rockin' and I was sweatin'. The class wasn't too big, they had about 25 people there. I am already looking forward to doing it again. It felt AWESOME to get my heart rate up. I forgot my dang heart watch so I don't know how many calories I burned but I was feeling it.

David is still feeling crappy. I took him for a check up today. They said he would feel crappy for a while. They did rework his pipes after all. I am hoping once he is feeling better he will start gaining some weight back. He was down to 117 today. I have toenails that weigh more than that for the love of goodness!

I signed up for a challenge over on Allen's blog. It's pretty much what I am currently doing, just more water, which I need to drink anyways. He has had some amazing results so far, I hope to add my name to the list.

I got my name for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Her name is Julie and she is so sweet. She is kicking the scales butt, and balancing 101 other things too. I am looking forward to making her happy for a few days.

Here is peek at all her goodies ready to be boxed up. I will put them in the mail tomorrow so that she can get it in plenty of time. Julie I hope you are ready!

Sorry such a short post tonight. I promise to make you all giggle and snicker tomorrow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Surprize! I am still here!!

Yes it is true, I think I may be back from the other side of hell!

I think when I last left you was last Tuesday. They had admitted David because he was dehydrated. He spent the night and was able to come home Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving. He got to spend the day with family. They way Thanksgiving is supposed to be spent. Even though we were missing my Mom and Dad, DiLisa (she was sick), Bobby, and Bud, we still had a great day. Dinner was YUM as usual. And I enjoyed spending time with those who were able to make it.
Monday was back to the hospital, his surgery was scheduled for 12. We got there at 8 for them to start getting him ready. They took him back a little before noon. 3 hours later and the DR came out to tell me that he was finished up, and he was now in recovery. 1/4 of his colon was removed, and moved out of the upper quadrant of his abdomen. The scar tissue was more aggressive this time. Which worries the DR. He said he did not expect it to be as much as it was when he went in. It has only been 7 months since his last. On top of that, he said it looks as if the scar tissue has moved on to his liver now. He is working with another DR to see what the next steps are. We are going to ask to be refereed to a specialist. Not that I do not have confidence in the DR he see's now, it's just we need answers NOW. And we need to stop this now. This makes his 4th surgery for the same thing. We can't keep doing this. His body is tired. He is tired. I just want my husband to NOT be in pain.
He is at home resting now. They had to make this incision bigger than expected so he is hurting pretty bad. Kayla and I work in shifts so someone can be home with him to help him up and around. And if anyone knows my hubby, you know he HATES depending on anyone. He would rather just die before he asks for help. So this is a real test for him that is for sure. I hope in a couple of days he will be feeling lots better.
Even though I have not been to the gym since the day before Turkey Day, I have been keeping on track with my food. I am determined NOT to let LIFE derail me again. I am always going to have SOMETHING happen, and if I just give up every time it does (Like I have done 1,000,001 times before) I will never reach the end of my journey. I am NOT saying it has been easy, or that I have been perfect, but I am VERY mindful.
And for that....I was rewarded. You can't see me right now but I am smiling like a fox in a hen house. (geeze does that date me or what?!). Every time I feel like I could just forget what I am doing and just grab something from the snack machine, or share whatever the kids have been eating, I think of this. THIS feels to good to lose. So I keep on plugging away.

I WILL be a success story.

I have so much to catch up on in blogland. I can't wait to see how everyone did over the holiday's. I was able to make it time to join
Kenz and Janna's 12 Days of Christmas swap. There is still time to join if you get over there today. I am so excited about this swap I have already started gathering my gifts! I can't wait to find out who's name I got. This is EXACTLY what I need right now. Some fun stuff to get my mind off of my recent trip to hell and get me in the Christmas Spirit.

Sunday we were able to put up our tree. I wanted it all to be done so when David came home this week that was one less thing to do. And because of course he puts on the topper. I love my tree. It makes me happy looking at it. It's a little smaller than it was last year, but that is okay. It's perfect for us.

Monday Anna, Kathy and I plan on starting Zumba. I am really nervous because I am the whitest white girl on the planet. But I am ready to give it a go. I think it might be fun. Only a couple more weeks before Justin is ready to kick my ass again. As crazy as it sounds I can not wait! I am ready to push myself farther than I have ever before.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes these past couple of weeks. David has enjoyed listening to all your comments and emails.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Update

Apologies up front: This will NOT be your run of the mill, chipper, the world smells like roses blog post from me.

This past week has totally sucked for me. Not as far as diet and weight loss, but just in general. It started last Friday with a trip to the DR's office for David. He has been having some pain in his left side again, same exact pain, same exact place. We know EXACTLY what it is before we even make the appointment. So we get to the office and the first thing the DR say's is...Oh no, please not again. Yeah our feelings exactly buddy.

We talk and it is decided that this time they will go in and remove a portion of his bowel. They will manage his pain over the weekend and see him to admit him on Monday and schedule surgery for Tuesday.

The right angle area is where he keeps producing scar tissue. It's been 7 months since his last surgery. It was 6 months before that one and 8 months before that one. And a little 2 years since the first one. They can not tell what is causing the tissue to form, and why so rapid. But it attaches to his bowel and grows over it and basically pinches it off. So that nothing can pass. That makes him feel full. Kinda like a barbaric lap band if you will.

If he forces himself to eat it causes suck bad cramps because he can feel the his body trying to break down the food so that it can pass. So he ends up not eating. Then starts to lose weight, and eventual dehydrate. That's where we ended up Monday. In the office he was so severely dehydrated that his legs had started to cramp, and his lips were all dried up. My poor baby. I can not tell you how bad it hurts me when he is sick and hurting. It breaks my heart.

So we were in the DR's office all of 5 mins and he sends us to the hospital to be admitted ASAP. The plans were to rehydrate him and 'clean' him out to get him to feeling some what better. The DR said that being home for Thanksgiving would be a great moral boost for him. And that the surgeon that would assist would not be able to get there until NEXT Monday.

Last night was a rough night. The stuff they give him to 'clean' him out makes him very sick to his stomach. He said his legs are not cramping any more thanks to the IV but now they are sore. I came to work, because I need to save my vacation time for when the actually has the surgery next week. We are waiting to hear from the DR today so see if he can be sent home today or tomorrow for the holidays.

So where does that put me? Stressed out beyond anything. We are still planning on having Thanksgiving at the house. Everyone should be here for Wednesday. David is acutally looking forward to it. He can relax in his recliner and everyone can visit him.

I wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday. So I took the stairs at the hospital in its place. I think I almost died some where around the 4th floor. I had NO idea stairs would KILL me like that. Even though I have been working out 5 days a week for 3 months, I wanted to die. I guess it was better than nothing, but tonight I will hit the gym. I need to feel like I have control of SOMETHING.

I weighed this morning, it said 295.1 I think this is my lowest to date. I need to go back and check. I am not calling it official until I am back working with Justin. Something about being on paper makes it more real for me. My clothes are feeling great tho. And I finally got my smaller uniform shirts in. I am looking forward to putting it on and seeing how it feels.

I will keep you all posted on how things progress. This should be an interesting Turkey Day to say the least!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do You See What I See?

As promised. Updated photos. For the first time I think I may be at a loss for words.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

First things first here. Thanks to everyone who entered my first blog give away. Thanks to all THREE of you! HA HA HA HA. Since it was my first one, and you all don't reallllllllllly know me from Adam. I have decided to award all of you with a prize.

Please forgive these crappy photos, they were taken with my phone in a hurry! Here are all three of the names that are being entered.

Here I have them all folded up and mixed up.

And here is the winner!! Congrats Kati. I will be sending you out a box of my yummy new favorite tea, and a variety pack so you can try all the other flavors too. I know you are going to LURVE it just like I do.

Trish and Jenn (I hope that was your name). You both will be getting a variety pack too. So now everyone is a winner! Girls please email me with your mailing addresses so that I can get your goodies in the mail!

Well I have been waiting to share this until I was reallllllllllly sure it wasn't a dream. Today (well actually a day last week) I drove right into Twotterville. This is it boys and girls, this is where I was before I let life get in the way of my dreams. From this day forward, it's all brand new. You know it its a hell of a lot easier to loose weight the first time, instead of the second (or third or fourth).
Today I feel totally renewed. Today I feel like it's finally the first day of the rest of my life instead of being stuck in some bad movie like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day. Today I will watch what I eat a little better. Today I will push myself a little harder at the gym. Today I will start planning for the rest of my life. Today is a good day folks.

Guess what? I was tagged again! This time by Kati over at
The Great Balancing Act of a 24 year old! You should go check out her blog, she is super cute and a southern gal like myself!
Okay here are my 4 questions:
1.What is the happiest moment of your life?

Oh geeze...I have had so many...marring my best friend, the birth of my children, taking our first family vacation last year. Seeing my kids face, when we pulled up at the cruise terminal was amazing. We made so many memories on that trip. So yeah I am gonna go with that one.

2.Who is your favorite television character of all time?

Another stumper...I think I am going to have to say Richard Castle from the show Castle. I love his imagination and I love the chemistry between Becket and him. I do not know that I would like them to every hook up tho. I love them just the way they are.

3.What is your favorite bumber sticker (or funny/interesting quote/saying)?

Lord if you can't make me skinny, please make all my friends fat. (not realllllllllllll fat, just a little fat)
4.What are three things you are really good at?

Making people laugh(seriously...I aced this test)

Being a friend (I am loyal till death)(not that, that has acutally happened or anything..because then that would NOT make me a good friend)

Art Journaling (at least I like to think I am)

Okay now I am supposed to tag 4 more folks. Here is who I am picking this time. Mandy is brand new to blogging and could use some bloggy love so I am tagging her first.

And here are your questions:

1. If you were a color what would it be and why?

2. If you had one superpower what would it be?

3. What is one thing you can't wait to do when you reach your final goal?
4. What are you bringing to Thanksgiving dinner?
All you have to do is copy and past these questions on your blog with your answers. Then find other bloggers to tag, and ask your own 4 questions.

I can't wait to see what you gals have to say! Tonight I plan on taking updated progress photos. I am excited but worried that I won't see as much difference as last time. We shall see.