Watch Me Loose It

Friday, September 4, 2009

Subway Eat Fresh

Hey yall! TGIF! I am soooo excited about my up coming 3 day weekend! I'm looking forward to relaxing and catching up on some Trashy TV Oh yeah!

Well last night was Thursday, and you know what that means....Weigh In Day. I am extremely happy to report that I am down another 2.2 bringing my total weight loss to 12 lbs! I can hardly believe it myself. I just knew I wasn't going to have a loss after Aunt Flo came and brought me CRAMPS! I was just hoping for .4 to get my second 5lb star but I went way past that!

My friend K lost the same. We are STILL neck and neck in pounds. Someone at the meeting joked that we were eating the same things! LOL So K got her 2nd 5 lbs star to, AND she got her 5% star too! Wooooooooooot!! WTG K! You are doing great girly!

I am still going strong with Curves. I even went Wednesday night when I had craps from hell, and the last thing I wanted to do was to work out. I'm glad I pushed through it. I plan on being there at 5 tonight with bells on. S from work has been going with me this week. Its been fun to have someone go with me. Shes been doing the trail week, I will find out if she plans on joining. I haven't added my walking in yet, with Aunt Flo visiting I haven't felt like doing much. I will work on that for next week.

I have been thinking about getting a bike, David said he would buy me one. I told him I needed the Granny one. Then he said I could pick between the Bike or the Wii Fit that I have been begging him for. Oh geeze! Now I have a choice I don't know which one I want. I actually want them BOTH but can only afford one right now. Decisions, decisions.

I better get going. Need to finish up some work before 5. I can't be late to Curves tonight they close at 6.

Quote for the Day: Rather than aiming for being perfect, just aim to be little bit better today than you were yesterday.


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