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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheap Therapy

Hey there peeps! How was your weekend? Mine was very uneventful...just how I like it. David was on call this weekend and when he is, we usually don't stray far from home. I was able to get a little cleaning done(very little..but who's keeping score here). So I had plenty of time for what I love most.

Art Journaling
I was turned onto this form of expressing myself about a year ago. I have always loved to devour galleries full of this type of art, but had never found myself wanting to do it. That was until I completed my first page. WOW! It was so therapeutic! Think of it as putting your feelings to paper...without many words. For me, I can look at an object and connect with it. I can 'see' a story in it. I can then take that object and tell my story with it. Since I started I have created about 15 pages. Each one telling a story of something that had some sort of meaning to my life at the time. Some of them, the story is very clear. Some of them not.

I love every aspect of this hobby. From having a moment, then taking that moment and running with it. I love gathering the things that will go into my page, and moving things around until I think they look just right. And the finally when its all finished, saving it and feeling like it is complete. Some pages come quick, everything seems to fall into place, some pages take longer because I have ONE idea that I can't covey so I dig and poke until I figure out a way to lay it out.

I plan on making a book with these when I have enough, but I love them so much to just put them in a book. So I have started getting them printed and framing them. They make me so happy to look at. I have a wall in my living room that is filling up quite nicely. I am already looking for a second wall to take over.

Enough about that...lordy I can get carried away can't I? LOL I got a text from my PT yesterday that he had to cancel all his sessions this week, that he was under the weather. Although I totally understand, and I hope he feels better soon, I am really bumbed. I think I will have the first work out jitters by the time we meet again next week. I have been to AF every day, except Saturday and Sunday since I hired him. I have been working that treadmill to death. I am feeling pretty comfortable jogging/and walking every night. And now that I have McGyvered up my IPhone so that my head phones work, I have something else to look forward too. Listening to an audiobook while I am on the treadmill. That made a WORLD of difference last night. I went .24 miles farther than I have been, because I was wrapped up in my book! Hell yeah! After working out last night I went to dinner with my girls, Anna and Kathy. I am so blessed to have 2 AWESOME friends to do this with. I really cherish my time with them and am always looking forward until the next time we get together. My WL journey has been 1344234% better with them along for the ride!

These two pages were done with them in my thoughts.


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