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Monday, September 27, 2010

I know two things...

That cramps SUCK, and that you shouldn't stay up half the night watching Hoarders! Well hello Monday. Today I am having a GREAT day. I made out with my scale this morning and that just put me over the moon. (for those of you who don't know me...when I 'make out' with something that means I LOVE LOVE LOVE it) example: I would so make out with that Peanut Butter Pie....yeah anyways. I am loving what it's doing, and what it's doing is moving in the RIGHT direction for after far too long. So when I seen it, I promised I would have a GREAT day. So far I have walked around the whole day looking like this.

Well Thursday I wasn't able to make it to the gym (gasp...I know). I had the chance to work a little late, and since we haven't been able to score any over time in a long time I jumped on it! It was only a few hours but it makes my check smile. And you know what happens when my check smiles.....Oh yeah you got it...I SMILE! See above photo. Anyways by the time we got home and I cooked there was no way I wanted to go to the gym. And the weirdest thing happened that night. Okay are you sitting down??? I felt guilty!!! Yes, I can hardly believe it either. I actually tossed and turned and I had a hard time falling asleep because of it. How the hell did that happen?? I have no idea either.

So I had to wait until Friday to do Week 2. Day 2. Here are my results. I did manage to beat my time from day one. Not by much but it is an improvement. Saturday, for some strange reason I wanted to do a test run 5K. After talking to my friend Anna, she said I should probably just bump up my distance a little and stay with that for a week or so. (We have about 4 weeks until the real deal). She said that I wouldn't want to hurt myself, I am so glad that I have smart friends. So Kayla and I headed over to the gym and this is what transpired. I am not really happy with these results. If I keep this pace, I will just about tie my time from my last race. I need to get some speed up for sure. I want to blow my time out of the water 59:58 (I know! I know...a turtle could beat that time).

Nothing much was going on this weekend. I was able to squeeze in some photo's of Kayla, Sunday afternoon. I just adore our new back yard. There are lots of sweet photo spots. Here are a few of my favorite shots. I love that she lets me do this. I have some ideas for next time too. I can hardly wait.

Tonight is lower body with J. I texted him early told him I was crampy and PMSy, and that I don't look for tonight to be fun for either one of us. He is either a) ignoring me b) with a client or c) not scared at all. With my luck I am thinking its C. I just doubled up on the Ibutab's just in case.

edited to add: Just got this text back from him: So how is that going to be different than any other nite? (oh yeah he did)

I do have my before photos, but I am waiting until I have my next set to post them. I want to see some PROGRESS before I post the damn ugly things. No seriously, you could use them to keep critters away in the dark. Scary stuff for sure.

Tomorrow is dinner with my girls! My FAVORITE night of the week. Yippy! I will let you all know how my session is tonight. See y'all in the funny papers. (what the hell does that mean anyways??)


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