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Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Monday in the Hood Ya'll

Man, I have been slacking on the blog front.

Thursday's work out with Justin, was awesome. Well it started out not to be, I still had cramps and I was totally bitchy when he got there. I walked a mile on the treadmill waiting on him. When he got there I made it clear I was NOT wanting to do that any more. So he had a bag of 'tricks' with him. We got back into the torture room and we did kickboxing! At first I was like..ummm...yeah whatever. But I actually enjoyed it. At one point I was thinking of all those people who bug the shiznit out of me, and then swinging. I think that was my best work out to date.
For the record there was no 'floating like a butterfly' for me. I am really awkward. Just like a fat kid in dance class. I made the comment that every part of my body is weak, and Justin said the nicest thing (yes I realize I PAY him to say nice things STFU). He said my spirit is not weak. That kinda made my day.
Later he told me that I reminded him of Kirsten Vagness, you know the chic that plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. What do you think? It must be the glasses?

Friday I took the day off of work. David and I had some errands to run so we just spent the day together. It was so fun. We haven't done that in ages. We drove to Lafayette and ended up having SUSHI for lunch. For anyone who knows me, knows I looooooooooooooooove me some Sushi. The place we went to was called Tsubaki (don't ask me to pronounce it). We had Spicy Tuna (both regular and yellow tail). And one called 8 Legs. I loved the name. That had to be the spiciest, Spicy Tuna I have ever eaten. I am talking sloooooooooow burn. That stays with you for a few hours. Yipes.
They did have the best fried rice I have ever put into my mouth. It didn't even need the 'meat'. I loved it, and probably ate too much of it.

Later that night Kayla and I went to see Easy A.

Let me just say that Emma Stone is too stinkin' freakin' cute! It was such a good movie. Total chic flick and Kayla and I really enjoyed it.

But I would like to have the crack dealer behind the counter arrested. All of them for that matter. You know the one that pushes THIS...

OMG I CAN'T say no to this stuff. I really should be illegal. I only had a small. But I ate the whole freaking bag! I had the calories to do it, but what I couldn't spare was the sodium! For the love freaking biscuits!I did drink a bottled water while I was eating it, a lot of freaking good that did. So the next morning I was showing a heafty 4lb gain. I have been drinking water like a fish to try and flush my system out, that was Friday night, and I think maybe today it might be almost gone. Geeze what a mind screw.
Saturday night was a dinner party with my girls. We have been wanting to get together on the weekend so we could let loose a little and not worry about having to get up early the next morning for work and stuff. We meet at Anna's house. She grilled yummy turkey burgers for us.

Kathy made red, white and blue potatoes with garlic and jalapeno olive oil, and I made dessert.

Music was provided by Jackie Neal (don't ask). :)

We had such a great time. We talked and laughed and giggled like we were school girls. And of course we gossiped. Boy do I love some juicy gossip. Mind you, I normally don't have a clue who the heck we are talking about (the joy's of NOT growing up in this town that I love so much). But that didn't matter much.
I am already looking forward till next time. Well that is it for me. Tonight is another meeting with Justin. I hope I like today as much as I did Thursday, something is telling me that I won't tho. LOL


Anonymous said...

I can so totally see the Penelope in you... personality and all LOL!

Carla Phillips said...

Well you ain't paying me to say it, and I don't watch that show and have no clue who this girl is, but I agree with your trainer.. You totally DO look alike!!!! And I do love the way you post the photos when your talking.. So hella cute girl!!! You would fit right in with my popcorn eating family.. I hate the stuff, can't stand the smell lol, but the rest of them love it.. I think the girls got that from my Grandma.. That lady every Tuesday would have nothing but popcorn and sweet tea for dinner.. I know I said it a minute ago in another comment, but I really am proud of you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Movie popcorn is my weakness! My husband and I have to have it. We get the large and then we always put the butter on it......okay so it's not butter, whatever that tasty, liquid grease is we use it. Then we get a free refill on the way out the door. I don't know if I could give up the popcorn.

You totally look alike! That is so cool you have a celebrity look-a-like!

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