Watch Me Loose It

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So you say it's Hump Day.

Good Morning Peeps! How is everyone today. I am really excited today is the first day of fall! Even though we still have the blazin' temps, just knowing that any day now it will start to cool down puts some pep in my step. :)

Well my second first day with J was crazy nuts! I walked a mile on the treadmill before he got there ( I am thinking I was DONE after that). When he got there it was lower body. Holy Batman! I have like ZERO core strength what so ever. Which you need a TON of to do lunges and squats etc. It was hard. Everything was hard. I really did like one part, where I was kicking the living crap out of one of those balance balls. By the time I was to the end of that part I was literately grunting giving it all I had. It felt amazing. I did notice that I have more strength on my right side than I do on my left side. I could kick harder, run harder, everything harder on the right side. When it was time to switch it up it was like wussy kicks. I don't know what the deal is with that. By the end of my session my legs were like spaghetti noodles. I had to sit and chill and catch up with K before I could walk to my truck! But nothing can explain the feeling I get when I lay in bed after working out like that. I feel like for the first time I am doing something RIGHT. Tonight we meet again. It is upper body this time. Bye-Bye bat wings!

Last night I tried for the second night to complete the Week 1. Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program. I tried last week, but I had a crappy pod cast and the music bored me to tears (and I got a freaking cramp that like to killed me). Well last night I was able to complete the whole session. HELL YEAH! I even ran the whole 90 seconds when it was time, at least 5 times! I was sweating my hiney off, but it felt GOOD!

I rewarded myself with dinner with an AMAZING group of friends. And believe it or not we did not go crazy and just eat because it was our 'free' day. I had blackened chicken and wild rice. And a bowl of fruit for dessert! We were ALL rock stars last night. Thanks for my yummy candle A, I promise I won't eat it!
Okay I will be back tomorrow and report all the horrible torture that I will endure tonight at the hands of J. I will promise to at least pretend to hate every minute of it. (I think I tiny part of me likes it...but just a TINY part).


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