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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Call me Smoothie Queen

A while back my friend Kathy gave me a blender that her hubby had bought for some sort of golf tournament that wasn't being used. So since I had freshly burned mine slap the hell up, she offered me one. I am happy to report that I have used it every day since then, and some times twice a day. I have used it as a blender for smoothies, and a food processor to make hummus. It is always on my counter and always plugged up and ready to go.

Although I don't think I could mix veggies in my smoothies, (shudder) I do love thinking of all sorts of fruit and other combos. I have even been nicknamed Smoothie Queen by my friend Anna. My newest yummy concoction would have to be my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. If you love pumpkin pie then this smoothie is for you! I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I am a quantity eater. I love big portions, super sizes (well DUH). I have been learning that just because that is what I prefer doesn't mean I can't fit it in my daily calorie budget.

This smoothie makes a BIG serving, around 42 oz. I pour it in an insulated mug and I enjoy it all morning. It usually last me until around 10:30 or so. That is also a plus for me.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Approx: 330 calories

3 cups ice
1/2 cup of solid pack pumpkin
1 container of vanilla yogurt
1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (Mine is Jillian's)
1 and 1/2 cup Light Vanilla Silk
A few shakes of Pumpkin Pie Spice
4 packets of splenda.

Throw all of that into the blender and have at it.
Some times it's a little thick and I have to use a spoon to get it going. But once it is it will blend down to yummy goodness.

After its nice and smooth, you pour it into your big mug (or share it with your hubs or kids).

Then you place it next to your rockin' lunch bag and snap a few paparazzi photos. You know if you were into that sort of thing.
I have learned to live by this rule in the past 10 years or so. I am very comfortable is who I am. I love to express myself, and often do with either crazy hair or wild make-up. I think its fun. I want to be noticed for being ME, rather than being FAT. This has worked so well for me, that my son has even made the comment that he is afraid for me to loose weight, because he fears I will not be the same person. Wow. I told him that I would always be ME, just a healthier version. I think he really believed me. I almost believe me too. Crap..I was going some where with this.....

Oh yeah, Kayla bought this super huge make-up kit the other day and I just HAD to play. It was just too tempting to NOT.

This is what I came up with. It was kinda like a peacock! I loved how it looked and looked really good in better light. (this was a CRAPPY pic).

This light isn't much better but you get the point. It looked really good with my purple shirt.

This is the second week I have been doing this workout thing alone. And I tell you, its getting harder and harder to push myself to get the burn that I want. I set a mini goal for myself that I would like to burn at least 1000 calories a session.

Monday night I was pretty close. I am noticing that it's harder to get my heart rate up as high as I used to be able to. I have to push much much harder. I know that is a good thing, BUT dayum! It makes working out that much harder. I was solo Monday, Kathy had a thing, and Anna worked out later. I started on the Dreadmill, did 1.5 miles on that, then moved and worked the upper body machines. After I had finished the circuit I still wasn't as close to 1000 as I would have liked so I hopped back on the Dreadmill (I KNOW....I may have had fever or something) and ran at 5.5 for 2 mins until I thought I was going to die. That pushed me up there and I was happy with my count.

Last night we all decided that we were going to try one of the classes that our gym offers. We have a yoga room in the back of the gym (I often refer to this room as the torture room thanks to J). They have a little kiosk outside the room that holds a butt load of exercise videos and they play on a big move screen in the room. So when we got to the gym of course the room was being used. So we jumped on the Dreadmill again to kill some time. After a mile on it, the room was still full, so I decided to give the elliptical a try.

That sucker is HARD. Holy Bat Man! How do some people make it look so easy!! I was able to stay it it for about 20 mins off and on. The stupid thing would reset if I stopped too long to rest. But I know I was working it, I was SOAKING wet.

I don't think I have ever sweat that much. By the time I was DEAD from that, the room opened up and we picked a kick boxing class to do. Yeah just when I thought the elliptical kicked my ass, this came along and made me cry for my mommy! I wasn't able to follow it 100%, some of the moves I stuck with the modified version, but dammit I did it! And even though my ass hurts really bad today, I feel accomplished.

Tonight it will be me alone at the gym again. I will tango with that elliptical again. I will let you know tomorrow how it goes.


Katie J said...

Hi Rachel - I popped over from Off the Couch (Kristina's) and added you as a follower. One thing I wanted to say is that your blog title is misspelled. It should be lose like lose weight vs. loose like this blouse is very loose.:-)

I am looking forward to watching your progress!

Rachel said...

I also suck at spelling :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie said...

Hi Rachel - I'm a new follower, that smoothie looks absolutely delicious!

I love the elliptical! It's so hard to do, but by the end you feel like you've really done some exercise. And you're sweating like crazy!

Lisa said...

I have been on a smoothie kick, too. Thanks for the new ideas! :-)

Kristina said...

Hi...I see Katie J beat me to your blog lol. I LOVE the look of your blog, its so great! Im def going to have to try that smoothie, it looks and sounds yummy (and will fit great in my daughters Superman mug! lol). Im looking forward to following your journey. Thanks for following mine!

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