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Friday, October 29, 2010

Week In Review

Wow has it been almost a week already? So much to report, so little time. Bear with me. I will try and cover it all and not bore you to tears too much. First off an update on Justin. Seems I will be going at this thing alone for a while. I got an email from Justin's wife Nicole on Wednesday with this update:
J was brought into the OR around 7:15. At about 8:15 they began the proceedure. The doctor made about a 1 inch incision in J's neck and removed the ruptured disc. The disc was replaced with carbon fiber and a bone graft from his hip. The doctor then placed a titanium plate in J's neck to fuse the two vertebrae together.
Holy balls! I can't imagine how scared his wife had to be facing all of this. Thankfully he should recover fully in 4-6 weeks. I am extrememly happy that his little guys will still have their dad around, and his wife will have her hubby. So for the next 4-6 weeks I will be trying to figure this out on my own. And we all know how successful I have been with that in the past. So wish me luck. I am also open to all suggestions and tips.
Tuesday Kathy and I hit the torture room again. It wasn't as good as the night before but it was close.
Wednesday, I took Kayla with me.

Thursday I took the day off. I was so sore.
Friday I took the day off of work. Micheal had a Honor Roll awards thingy at school. Okay answer me this. Why the hell have an awards thing in the middle of the day for the parents to attend? I mean I am thankful that I have a job, where I can take off if needed to attend. But a few years ago I did not. After that David and I headed to lunch. It was nice to have lunch with him and not have to worry about getting back to work so soon.

We practied for our 5K that night and did okay. I love spending Friday nights with my girls. We finished up with shopping and dinner at our favorite hot spot in town. Shoney's. (that was almost a joke..almost). Then it was off for a good nights sleep.

Saturday: Race Day! It was freaking cold when we first got there. And between my sister and me, we had our own paparazzi going on. Pictures with everyone's phone and camera. It's all about the details.

This is Kizzy (awesome name huh). We meet her before the race. She was supposed to meet a friend for the race, but it must have been too cold for her friend. This woman is a rock star! Not only is she cute as a button, but she kicked this races ass, AND she did it by herself! It was nice to meet you Kizzy. Hope to see you again at another race!

My time was not the best. Some where along the way Weepy Me reared her ugly little head. I get so pissed off that my body won't do what I want it to. These races are so much more than physical for me. They are 100% mental. It takes me so long to get out of my head. I can think of 134343 different reasons that I CAN'T do this. When really we all know I CAN! I have! Many, many times before. Then to top it all off, I think I may have even hurt some skinny girls feelings along the way. To the tiny little runner that passed me the 2nd lap, that needed a doughnut or 2, I know that you meant well when you said I was doing a good job, I now know that it was totally inappropriate for me to scream, "Yeay for fat girls" back at you.

Weepy Me left and about the second mile, I took over. I was able to cross the finish line and finally put this silly thing behind me.
The rest of the day was filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping. Damn those girls know how to shop! I don't think there was a store we did not go into! I am pretty sure we walked another 2 miles shopping.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have the MOST amazing sister in the world. Since I have started doing these crazy 5K things, she has been right at my side. She has drove hours just to be by my side so that I am not finishing alone. Everyone should have a sister like mine. I love you Ashley.


Trish said...

I am so proud of you for doing the 5K! You are an inspiration to me, because I don't have the courage to do it yet! And I busted out laughing at your comment to the skinny girl, that would be something I would say...ROFL!!!

Bethanny said...

Will you be my new internet best friend? You are so awesome. :)

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