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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Update

Apologies up front: This will NOT be your run of the mill, chipper, the world smells like roses blog post from me.

This past week has totally sucked for me. Not as far as diet and weight loss, but just in general. It started last Friday with a trip to the DR's office for David. He has been having some pain in his left side again, same exact pain, same exact place. We know EXACTLY what it is before we even make the appointment. So we get to the office and the first thing the DR say's is...Oh no, please not again. Yeah our feelings exactly buddy.

We talk and it is decided that this time they will go in and remove a portion of his bowel. They will manage his pain over the weekend and see him to admit him on Monday and schedule surgery for Tuesday.

The right angle area is where he keeps producing scar tissue. It's been 7 months since his last surgery. It was 6 months before that one and 8 months before that one. And a little 2 years since the first one. They can not tell what is causing the tissue to form, and why so rapid. But it attaches to his bowel and grows over it and basically pinches it off. So that nothing can pass. That makes him feel full. Kinda like a barbaric lap band if you will.

If he forces himself to eat it causes suck bad cramps because he can feel the his body trying to break down the food so that it can pass. So he ends up not eating. Then starts to lose weight, and eventual dehydrate. That's where we ended up Monday. In the office he was so severely dehydrated that his legs had started to cramp, and his lips were all dried up. My poor baby. I can not tell you how bad it hurts me when he is sick and hurting. It breaks my heart.

So we were in the DR's office all of 5 mins and he sends us to the hospital to be admitted ASAP. The plans were to rehydrate him and 'clean' him out to get him to feeling some what better. The DR said that being home for Thanksgiving would be a great moral boost for him. And that the surgeon that would assist would not be able to get there until NEXT Monday.

Last night was a rough night. The stuff they give him to 'clean' him out makes him very sick to his stomach. He said his legs are not cramping any more thanks to the IV but now they are sore. I came to work, because I need to save my vacation time for when the actually has the surgery next week. We are waiting to hear from the DR today so see if he can be sent home today or tomorrow for the holidays.

So where does that put me? Stressed out beyond anything. We are still planning on having Thanksgiving at the house. Everyone should be here for Wednesday. David is acutally looking forward to it. He can relax in his recliner and everyone can visit him.

I wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday. So I took the stairs at the hospital in its place. I think I almost died some where around the 4th floor. I had NO idea stairs would KILL me like that. Even though I have been working out 5 days a week for 3 months, I wanted to die. I guess it was better than nothing, but tonight I will hit the gym. I need to feel like I have control of SOMETHING.

I weighed this morning, it said 295.1 I think this is my lowest to date. I need to go back and check. I am not calling it official until I am back working with Justin. Something about being on paper makes it more real for me. My clothes are feeling great tho. And I finally got my smaller uniform shirts in. I am looking forward to putting it on and seeing how it feels.

I will keep you all posted on how things progress. This should be an interesting Turkey Day to say the least!


The Empowered Coward said...

I am sorry rachel, Hopefully this surgery will do the trick and he can put this past him. My dad and lil borther has diaticulites wich kind works the same way. It is very hard to see them in that kind of pain.

I am sure your low number is here to stay. And that is great! 4 flights of stairs! That is awesome. When will Justin be back in commission?

You are so strong Rachel. Keep your head up.
Thinkin about David. Let me know if there is anything I can do from the ham.

Carla said...

Girl, First off I'm EXCITED for you and SOOOOO PROUD!!!! You've accomplished SOOO MUCH!! And whether you believe me or not, you was my inspiration for me deciding to tackle my weight issue!! You go girl!!

As for David, I'm sorry to hear he isn't feeling good again, and will have to undergo surgery again.. I wish they could figure out what is casuing this so they could stop it.. I ♥ ya girl and am here if you need anything!! I sure wish we lived closer to each other!! Let David know I send GET WELL WISHES to him.. I hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

♥ Carla

Tamzin said...

Yikes! well I'm glad that they know what the issue is and that they can fix it. Doens't sound very fun though. :( Will keep him in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Great job on the stairs! That is some great new thinking - no gym time... take the stairs! You are rock'n!

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