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Friday, December 3, 2010

Surprize! I am still here!!

Yes it is true, I think I may be back from the other side of hell!

I think when I last left you was last Tuesday. They had admitted David because he was dehydrated. He spent the night and was able to come home Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving. He got to spend the day with family. They way Thanksgiving is supposed to be spent. Even though we were missing my Mom and Dad, DiLisa (she was sick), Bobby, and Bud, we still had a great day. Dinner was YUM as usual. And I enjoyed spending time with those who were able to make it.
Monday was back to the hospital, his surgery was scheduled for 12. We got there at 8 for them to start getting him ready. They took him back a little before noon. 3 hours later and the DR came out to tell me that he was finished up, and he was now in recovery. 1/4 of his colon was removed, and moved out of the upper quadrant of his abdomen. The scar tissue was more aggressive this time. Which worries the DR. He said he did not expect it to be as much as it was when he went in. It has only been 7 months since his last. On top of that, he said it looks as if the scar tissue has moved on to his liver now. He is working with another DR to see what the next steps are. We are going to ask to be refereed to a specialist. Not that I do not have confidence in the DR he see's now, it's just we need answers NOW. And we need to stop this now. This makes his 4th surgery for the same thing. We can't keep doing this. His body is tired. He is tired. I just want my husband to NOT be in pain.
He is at home resting now. They had to make this incision bigger than expected so he is hurting pretty bad. Kayla and I work in shifts so someone can be home with him to help him up and around. And if anyone knows my hubby, you know he HATES depending on anyone. He would rather just die before he asks for help. So this is a real test for him that is for sure. I hope in a couple of days he will be feeling lots better.
Even though I have not been to the gym since the day before Turkey Day, I have been keeping on track with my food. I am determined NOT to let LIFE derail me again. I am always going to have SOMETHING happen, and if I just give up every time it does (Like I have done 1,000,001 times before) I will never reach the end of my journey. I am NOT saying it has been easy, or that I have been perfect, but I am VERY mindful.
And for that....I was rewarded. You can't see me right now but I am smiling like a fox in a hen house. (geeze does that date me or what?!). Every time I feel like I could just forget what I am doing and just grab something from the snack machine, or share whatever the kids have been eating, I think of this. THIS feels to good to lose. So I keep on plugging away.

I WILL be a success story.

I have so much to catch up on in blogland. I can't wait to see how everyone did over the holiday's. I was able to make it time to join
Kenz and Janna's 12 Days of Christmas swap. There is still time to join if you get over there today. I am so excited about this swap I have already started gathering my gifts! I can't wait to find out who's name I got. This is EXACTLY what I need right now. Some fun stuff to get my mind off of my recent trip to hell and get me in the Christmas Spirit.

Sunday we were able to put up our tree. I wanted it all to be done so when David came home this week that was one less thing to do. And because of course he puts on the topper. I love my tree. It makes me happy looking at it. It's a little smaller than it was last year, but that is okay. It's perfect for us.

Monday Anna, Kathy and I plan on starting Zumba. I am really nervous because I am the whitest white girl on the planet. But I am ready to give it a go. I think it might be fun. Only a couple more weeks before Justin is ready to kick my ass again. As crazy as it sounds I can not wait! I am ready to push myself farther than I have ever before.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes these past couple of weeks. David has enjoyed listening to all your comments and emails.


Emmi said...

You're going to love Zumba. I started in September 10 and have lost 25 pounds. I have so much fun that I forget I'm even exercising and before I know it an hour has passed. Don't get discouraged if you don't get all the steps right away. The more you go the better you get. Before you know it all the moves will be like second nature.

Prayers for you & your husband.

Anonymous said...

I hope for a speeeeeedy recovery!! :)

And Zumba, TOTALLY AWESOME!! You will love it!!

Julie said...

Rachel, we seem to be in the same boat just different oceans. Your hubby just had his surgery, my sister just had hers. Both are very independent souls and just want to not hurt anymore.
We both need this 12 days of Christmas. I promise I will fill your box with just not gifts but lots of love and more.
I have lots more reading to do to get to know you some more. I also have got to write up a post about this 12 days of Christmas, do you mind if I introduce you to my followers?
Take care Rachel and sleep well tonight and have a blessed Sunday.

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