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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday Again

Man, I can't seem to find a minute to myself here lately. I promise I have not abandon you guys, just hard to stop long enough to blog. FINALLY today I have a minute. I will try and keep things light, even though all I really want to do is throw myself a pity party.
The first couple days after David came home Kayla's car broke down. We found out that she needs a water pump and a timing belt. UGGGGG! And if anyone knows, her car is not the best car in the world. We just needed it to last until January when she got her income tax's and school started. So with only one car, its been a royal pain for us BOTH to get back and forth to work. David normal fixes things. He's still down. Not able to do much. It's killing him.
David is...well I don't know. This time things are not going as smoothly as they did for his previous procedures. He has stayed in pain pretty much since they sent him home. Today I called the DR. Because things are not moving like they should if you know what I mean. (Sorry TMI I know..But my blog my rules). As soon as I told the nurse what was going on the DR wanted us to come in now. We went to see him and he sent us right over to the hospital for testing. After testing we went back to the DR office. The DR said that he is trying to get in touch with the lab that has the portion of his colon that he sent for biopsy. He is hoping that his colon is just moving slow because of the trauma of surgery. He called today to have the section they took out further tested. He wants to test the cells. He wants to make sure he has enough for his colon to work properly. That would explain all the trouble he has had for the past several years. But I don't know what that would mean for the future. I am worried about him. And I can tell the DR is too. He said he is worried because David doesn't seem to be recovering at the same rate as he did for his previous surgeries. He said he knows this was a lot more, but he should be on the up swing by now. Monday will make 2 weeks post-op.
So with that, I am extremely frustrated. I am frustrated that we don't have any more answers. I am frustrated that he is not feeling better. I am frustrated that it is 15 days before Christmas and I don't even want to plug in my Christmas tree. I bought all sorts of outside decor and I am praying I can find the receipt because I don't want to put it out. I just want my money back. I just want all this holly jolly junk to be over, because I am not feeling it. It's hard to be happy when you are are worrying 24/7.

Okay pitty party over. We went back to Zumba last night. Anna and bought the punch card. 10 classes for $40. That makes each class $4 each. Not to shabby. I actually remembered my watch so I was able to see how much I moved.

50 minutes. 947 calories burned. I will take it. I think we will stick to Monday nights. I enjoyed the instructor more than the one last night. Last nights class seemed like there was a lot of choreography. By the time I caught on, they were moved on to something else. Don't get me wrong I was faking it all the way. But I felt like Monday's class gave me a better work out.
For all of you that have asked about my watch.
Here is a link to it. And from the looks of it, its even on sale. I paid right at $25 for mine. I totally love it. I do not wear it all the time. Just during my work outs. I find it is great for setting a goal and hitting it at the gym. It makes ME work harder.

Before all this crazy junk happened this month, I had told David that I would like one that I wear all the time. Something like the Body Bugg, Fit Bit, Gruve or any of the other 100's of monitors they have out now. I think I would work that much harder seeing DAILY in and out. Maybe for my birthday in June.

Oh I got some GREAT news yesterday. Justin should be back next week! He has been released for light duty and is ready to get back into work. I am both happy and freaking scared! I am really ready to be pushed, I am ready to get my head back in the game. I am ready for his scale and to make some stats official! But I worry that I should wait until this crap storm passes. But then I think I NEED this. I need to have some control over something. So I confirmed Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

In this storm I forgot to mention that Anna, Kathy and I signed up for another walk/run. This one is only 2 miles. It's called Celebration in the Oaks and its in New Orleans. After the walk we get admission to the huge Christmas light display in City Park. Anna bought us antlers to wear during the walk. Everyone is always decked out in Christmasy stuff. I hope I can pull it off. I will be sure to post some pics when I get home.

Monday should start the 12 days of Christmas fun! My partner
Julie got her package yesterday. I can't wait for her to start opening all her presents. I plan to post every day with a photo of what I got! Maybe this will bring me some cheer that I so desperately need right now. That's what I am hoping for the most. :-)


Janna said...

I am sorry you have so much going on right now...I really hope things turn around soon. And I hope the swap and your partner bring a big smile to your face and heart...

Have a good weekend!


LosingAmy said...

Sounds like we are quite alike in the being fed up with stuff realm. I'm sorry that David's not doing as well as he could be. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. As far as car troubles, I feel your pain there. mine needs a new front end, new power steering hoses, and an alternator. Thanks for posting the link on your watch. I've been wondering. I need to invest in one of those do-hickeys. I've looked at the fitbugs, and all that too, but what gets to me if that I would have to pay an expensive price and still have to do some sort of subscription to be able to see the output. If money weren't so tight, it might not be that big of a deal for me, but I hope you can find a contraption that works for you.

Kati said...

Hey girl! I wish like crazy I was in the city for the walk today, but it just wasn't happening :( On to other news....I have a lovely little award for ya ;) Come by my blog and pick it up when you have a chance!

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