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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on David

It's been crazy nuts here. David's recovery was pretty much halted Monday. We took him to see the DR and he said if nothing had changed or if he got worse to let him know. Tuesday rolls around and the pain was unbearable. We arrived at the DR's office as they were writing his admittance papers. His colon was spasming so hard, it was like he was in labor. It would spasm every 7 minutes or so, and cause so much pain, he almost passed out at lunch. They admitted him around 11 am and it would take the next 9 hours and 6 different medications for the spasms to stop. But FINALLY they did stop. Thank to the lord!

We were told that he has too many nerves firing in his colon, causing it to contract so much its closing off. And instead of being smooth contractions like we all have (your colon is contracting right now). It's seizing down on itself. They sent the sample of his colon to at DR at Yale and we are awaiting word for a final diagnostics. So as of now he has to take medication every 3 hours so that they do not start back up again. I was finally able to bring him home today. Boy I tell you, I am not sure how much more of this we can take. I hope Monday brings some answers.

So if you have some extra prayers laying around that are not in use we could sure use a few.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers so far.
(the following post will be happier I promise)


Julie said...

I am glad he's home. I hope on Monday they do have some idea as what to do and make David feel better.
You have been in my thoughts constantly. I pray that all works out for you all.
Thank you for my goodies. I am about to open day 4 and 5 (I didn't have time yesterday, how could I not have time to open a present is beyond me but that just makes two goodies for today).
Take care Rachel and God Bless!!

Julie said...

Oh Rachel I sure wish you had a moment to update us about David. I am worried about you all. Please take a moment and write something or at least e-mail me.
Thank you so my for my 12 days of Christmas. I am posting the last tonight. I want to tell you I enjoyed each and every gift and wanted you to know just how much fun I had with this exchange. I hope that one day when things settle down for you that we can get to know each other a little bit.
Take care and I hope that you had a great Christmas. God bless you my new friend.

Julie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Rachel. I hope that it brings you all the happiness possible. I hope that health is what this year brings David. Take care and God Bless!!!

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