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Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday

Wow! It's almost 11 PM! I should have my hiney in bed! After a 2 week hiatus from the gym, Anna and I hit a local Zumba class tonight. OMG It was everything, I have heard and more. At first I thought I would be intimidated but I just went with it. The music was rockin' and I was sweatin'. The class wasn't too big, they had about 25 people there. I am already looking forward to doing it again. It felt AWESOME to get my heart rate up. I forgot my dang heart watch so I don't know how many calories I burned but I was feeling it.

David is still feeling crappy. I took him for a check up today. They said he would feel crappy for a while. They did rework his pipes after all. I am hoping once he is feeling better he will start gaining some weight back. He was down to 117 today. I have toenails that weigh more than that for the love of goodness!

I signed up for a challenge over on Allen's blog. It's pretty much what I am currently doing, just more water, which I need to drink anyways. He has had some amazing results so far, I hope to add my name to the list.

I got my name for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Her name is Julie and she is so sweet. She is kicking the scales butt, and balancing 101 other things too. I am looking forward to making her happy for a few days.

Here is peek at all her goodies ready to be boxed up. I will put them in the mail tomorrow so that she can get it in plenty of time. Julie I hope you are ready!

Sorry such a short post tonight. I promise to make you all giggle and snicker tomorrow.


Carla Phillips said...

You gotta tell me about this watch girly!! I want something to help me track the workouts / calories burned and I'd love for it to track steps taken.. I thought I could get my ipod to do that (the steps taken part atleast) but I can't get any of the apps to work for that part..

I sure hope David is feeling better really soon!! Is his doctor worried about his weight? Im thinking about you guys and praying!! ♥

Mrs. Crumpet said...

I hope David is feeling better soon, and I am doing Allans challenge too, good luck!! And yes please tell us about your watch, I have a sportline but I am less then pleased with it. Have a good day!

Mrs. Crumpet

Stephanie said...

I'm doing Allan's challenge too! Good luck :)

Julie said...

Hi everyone. I'm Julie, Rachel's gift partner. Wow are you guys lucky to knonw Rachel. I'm learning and lov'n her.
Rachel, you will love Allan. He doesn't beat around the bush at all. Got a question, he answers it right away. Screw up, well he's there right away to tell you to quit it. Good luck with his challenge. So far so good for me. I've got to keep it up and what better way then to have the father to these scary dogs watching over us.
Your packages look so neatly wrapped, remember I warned you about my wrapping. I am just about ready to get yours all boxed up and ready to roll. I'm so excited Rachel.
And, yes...please tell about this watch. I would so love that. I have a an nike shoe buddy that tells me how far I've gone, have fast I've gone, how many calories I've burned and keep track of it all for me but I sure would like something for the heart rate and more.
I hope that David gets well soon. It's so hard to heal from surgeries. My sister came home last night from hers and she was just toast today so only talked for a minute. I'll stop by after work tonight and check on her just to ease my mind and to make sure all is well and situated.
Take care Rachel and I'm off to wrap your gifts. Have a great and blessed afternoon.

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