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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Curves Didn't Kill Me!

Not that I really thought it would. LOL But you know just in case there was ever a doubt, it won't kill you. I makes you sweat like you are about to...but just when you are on the brink of falling over it lets you go home. And let me just tell you...I feel fan-freaking-tastic! I totally forgot how good I feel when I get done. Like I accomplished something. I am actually looking forward to Friday when I go back. I kinda snuck on the scale while I was there, I know, I know but I was just checking. I won't post here lets just say I am very excited about going to WW and weighing in. I have stayed OP all week and I wrote every bite.

Speaking of that. This week has been a week of first for me. This is the first time that I went to WW on a Thursday and started OP the very next day. Usually I wait to 'start fresh on Monday'. I am so proud of myself for that one. Also this is the first time in YEARS that I actually wrote every single bite I took. I even kept track over the weekend. GO ME!!! Okay heading to bed. I want tomorrow night to hurry up and get here.

What I ate today:
Two Veggie Sausage Patties-4
Two Slices of Bread-2
Turkey Pepperoni-2
Two Bagels-2
FF Cream Cheese-2
Yogurt with Cinnabar-5
Salad Dressing-2
Pork Chop-4
WW Ice Cream-1

30 Minute Work out at Curves
Total 39


Aunt Cathy said...

lol I remember I went to curves once. They asked me not to come back. I held the other "skinny" girls up, and they said it might be best if I didn't come there. No joke. I thought it would be cool to go. I went, signed up, and paid my dues. They started to show me how to do the machines, and this skinny girl said..."can I go ahead of you, you're not doing them in rythem like the rest of us." Before I knew it, i had a crowd behind me. People started to get upset, and then the owner came in and called me up to the the front and asked me if I could come back when I had lost a few more pounds, that maybe curves wasn't for me. Gave me my money back, and tore up the contract I had signed. Humilated to the max. Heard giggling on my way out the door. It was bad.

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