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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Parents, and fish, and shopping OH MY!

Well this weekend was tons of fun. It was nice to have my parents in. Saturday David and my dad fished all day. From the sounds of it the water was a little bit rough, thank gawd I stayed on land. They came home with a boat full of fish so all in all I think it was worth it. Mom and I shopped a little bit, we had Kayla with us and we went to eat at Subway. Mmmm....Subway eat fresh. Sunday David and Dad took the kids tubing, I have been feeling kinda crappy so I didn't want to go. So of course Mom and I went shopping again! I don't know what it is about us two, but we can shop, even when the two of us have NO money.

I didn't really track this weekend, but I was very good, and mindful of what I ate. I'm sure that I stayed within my points and maybe even under on Sunday. I was sad to see the weekend end. I miss spending time with my mom. And I think my dad really enjoyed the weekend too. He gave David his seal of approval on his boat. So that's good.

This week is close out week at work AKA HELL week. We work until usually 12 every night then turn around and be back at 8 to do it all again. Blech. I did manage to get my Curves in yesterday tho. I took my lunch at 4:00 and went and worked out and was back here by 5:00. I could never do that during the day at lunch. I sweat way too much, it was a good thing that there was only a few of us left at work. I know I looked like ewww.

A couple of the gals at work are working WW with me. I'm so excited. I love all the support they are giving me, and its nice to be able to talk about what is so important to me right now. I can't wait until we are all hot mama's. Well hot healthy mama's! (because we are already hot)

What I ate yesterday:
Breakfast Burritos-10
Healthy Choice Dinner-5
Rice Cakes-4
Animal Crackers-2
Sub Sammich-10

30 minute Curve work out (woot!)
Total 40 Points


kathy.shilling said...

End of week 3, 9.6 pound loss for both of us! Can't wait to get that 10 full pounds off! Next week we'll get our stars and get to write our names on the board again! Go us!!!!

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