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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day from Hell....Times 428

Okay yesterday just sucked major ass.

There is not a nicer way to put it at all. Some times working with David really has it's downs. Because if either he or I are in a bad mood, we can't just NOT be around each other. I mean we work together, what am I gonna do hide in the bathroom all freaking day? Yeah that's what I mean. Anyways, I'm not really sure who's mood set the day off but it was off. And I do me OFF. I really hate days like that so much. So I go and pick up Kayla, yesterday was the day that she went to get her drivers license. Well that went horribly wrong, UG! So now I have another freaking mood in the mix. So she didn't pass, I'm pretty sure it was nerves, I will take her back tomorrow to try it again. Tomorrow will be a better day. It has GOT to be. So needless to say, the Donald house was NOT a place you wanted to be last night, there was a lot of hollering, a lot of crying, a lot of attitudes flying. And this morning we have come to this conclusion.....Micheal is the ONLY person in the family that is not in need of some sort of mental medication. And that's all I am gonna say about that.

Today was much better, still kinda awkward at work with David and I the first half of the day, I was determined NOT to speak. Well crap who am I kidding, I we freaking WORK together. So its all over and we are all hunky dorey and fine.

Back to me, because lets face it, that's the real reason you are here anyways. LOL I went to Curves tonight! Wooooooooot, I meet my mini goal that I set for myself worked out 3 times this week. Go me! Go Me! I hope that the scale is nice to me tomorrow night. I am already feeling better. I know I can do this! I just know it.

What I ate yesterday:
Egg rolls-8
Carrots and dressing-0
Chicken Breast-6
Salad Dressing-0
WW Ice Cream-2

Total Points for the day: 41 points Used 2 Flex Points

What I ate today:
Rice Cake-1
Green Beans-3
Popeye's Chicken Breast-7
Popeye's Wings (2)-8
Ground Meat-3
WW Ice Cream-2

Total Points- 36 Worked out at Curves for 30 minutes(woot!)


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