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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Curves is the only thing that went right!

Well today started out great. I dropped Kayla off at her driving class. (which she passed with a 100...You go Girl), and I headed to Curves. I got my work out in and had some time to kill. Headed to Walgreen's and picked up a few school supplies that the kids still needed. Pick up Kayla and went to the produce stand with T and J. On the way back and I called David and he said I need you to kind hurry and get back, I think Micheal may have broke his finger. He needs to go to the hospital. So I get my car and fly to the boat landing and pick Micheal up. His hand is like triple the size and already turning blue. Sheesh. So off we went to the ER 4 hours later and we are home. He has a splint on his hand and has to keep it iced for 24 hours. What totally sucks is that he just made first chair in band. Now he can't even play. I will be calling the school and seeing whats going to happen with that. Lordy B. All that and I haven't even gotten my grocery shopping done yet. So much for a laid back Sunday.

What I ate today:
Sweet and Salty Bar-2
String Cheese-2
100 Calorie Pack-2
KFC Grilled Breast-4
KFC Grilled Thigh-3
Popeye's Breast-7
Popeye's Wing-4
Pecan Crackers-12
Green Beans-4

Total Points-40
30 Minute work out at Curves.


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