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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 Things I have Moaned in the past 3 weeks.

1. That's not how I do it in my bathroom.

2. OMG that hurts my butt.

3. Grab a ball and shut up.

4. These ball's are too heavy.

5. You grab the big one, I will grab the small one.

6. I can't sit on that, I will break it.

7. Why is mine bigger than yours?

8. I can't lift it, it's too hard.

9. Are you pulling on it?

10. I am NOT going to be able to walk tomorrow.

I am so glad that the torture room has a door on it, and that no one can hear me! Last nights work out was kind of a break through for me. I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill before Justin got there. Then we did my weekly weigh in. The sodium from the crack dealer was still playing hell on my weight, seriously someone put an APB out on her already. But my body fat was down 2.5%. That is AMAZING! I was really happy. Yippy! After my kick ass weigh in, we went out into the gym. I asked if we were going on the 'Boys' side and Justin said no we were going on the wussy side. Whatever. I was excited. We used all sorts of workout machines that were totally new to me. It was upper body last night. Holy Moley, my arms feel like spaghetti noodles. After all that we went back into the torture chamber. That's where I had a mini break down. It was over the stupidest thing. He laid 2 yoga mats on the floor and told me to lay flat on my back and then get up off the floor. That was it. The thought of doing that made me sick, and pissed and then I started the cry. I know! WTF. I swear this is horrible to say, but that is the only time I FEEL fat. I mean I know I am 2343432 lbs over weight, but getting up off the floor is the only time I can FEEL it. I am so awkward and...well FAT, that it makes it so freaking hard. I hate WEEPY me. It makes me feel like a WEAK. And it kinda makes me want to vomit thinking about it. After I had my mini hissy fit. I did it. And it sucked of course. Then we worked some of that frustration out, he grabbed one of those heavy medicine balls and made me slam it on the floor. Over and over and over again until I just couldn't do it anymore. I think I cried some more, I am not even sure at this point. I left yesterday feeling more determined than ever. And of course after seeing this. I am ready to kick someone ass all over again!

Worked out for 1 hour and 48 minutes and burned 1326 calories. HooRah!


Carla said...

My dear Rachel I'm soooo proud of you girl!! And your not 2 million pounds overweight SILLY! Seriously though, I'm so proud of you, and I KNOW you can do this!! You have more determination than I do, and I hope you see it through!! I love that your blogging again.. We want to help you through this journey girl.. I ♥ you!!! I"M PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, You had a great workout! Congrats on the 2.5% down that is AWESOME! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to following you on your journey. We can do this!!!

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