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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am NOT on a Diet

Man I can't believe how many times I have had to explain that to STUPID people. I am NOT on a diet. Of course I CAN have chips and salsa. I just choose NOT to. I have learned so much in the past 2 months or so. I know to someone who has always been healthy, or not had a weight problem, this is a no brainier.
But loosing weight and maintaining your current weight, all comes down to calories vs calories out. Plain and simple. You MUST burn more calories than you take in to loose weight. So knowing that little gem, why would I CHOOSE to eat crap, when I will just have to work my ass off later tonight to get it back out? It's just not worth it to me. And I realize that not everyone has figured that out yet. And I am okay with that, but when you ask if I would like...cake, candy, chips, cookies, pie, ice cream, or anything else that I have NOT planned, my answer will be no thank you. And it is NOT because I am on a DIET! It is because I just don't freaking want it!

Tuesday's attempt at my first 5K of the week was a total failure.

I was all ready to do it and to make a better time than I did the week before. I don't know if I just didn't stretch enough or if I started out too fast, but about 10 mins in, I felt my shin splinter. MOTHER SOMETHING! I was so pissed! We were far enough that I wasn't going to turn back, but not nearly far enough to be close to being finished. So I MADE myself drag on. We were able to shave off about 1/2 mile cutting through the neighborhood that we were walking around. We didn't make great time thanks to me, but at least I burned some calories.

So after that we went out to dinner like we always do on Tuesday. Shoney's has been our go to place here of late. It offers a lighter meal if we choose (And I have been). I always order the same thing.

I order the Lifestyle Blackened Chicken with Wild Rice and instead of a green salad I order a fruit salad. The other night when we were there and I place my order, one of the other waitresses came out and said 'As soon as she placed the order I knew who it was for'.

I guess its better to be know for a fruit salad than it is a cheese burger. :)

Last night was my second session of the week. I was NOT looking forward to it at all. I had been dealing with an upset stomach most of the day, and I had an all around CRAPPYTACULAR day. It was upper body night. So we worked a lot of that crap. Then he introduced me to his little friend.

Yeah isn't he cute. NOT. Then of course he expected me to do all sorts of tricks with his little friend.
I did something like this. Then some other things I am still trying to block out of my memory. I don't know what the hell the deal was last night, but I was so FREAKING emotional! I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I HATE weepy me. I am not a fan at all. And I don't know if it was because I was feeling crappy, or my day was crappy or I was just frustrated that I couldn't successfully do a move or what, but about 3/4 of the way through Weepy Me showed up. I could NOT get a handle on this chic to save my life! The only thing that stopped her was when I got to beat the living crap out of Justin's little friend with the weight bar. That shut her up. I think I might have scared her.

I had a good weigh in. I lost 1.6 lbs. All in all it was an okay night. 1 hour 31 minutes. 1231 calories burned.

I think I will skip the walk and the gym tonight. My knee is killing me and I feel exhausted, I hope I am not coming down with something. I plan on cooking a good dinner and getting my snuggle on with David.

Anyone have any good recipes for a first time Butternut squash taster? I bought one, but I am not sure how to cook it. I want to love it so much. Any suggestions?


Trish said...

Rachel you No thank you's reminded me of my post back this summer about No thank you. Not exactly the same but a No thank you just the same. If you want to read it this is the link

I think you are doing fabulous with the 5k, I am also developing a shin thing ma bob...LOL! Hurts like H#$% Ice is my friend!

I had Butternut squash for the 1st time last week, I cut it in cubes put some butter on it (for the kids put brown sugar) and baked until tender, it was really good. I hope you liked yours.

Anonymous said...

I have a BOSU Ball and love it! I guess you have to get used to it. I like using it as a step too!

Here's how to bake a squash.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
Cut the squash in half using a large knife. I have to get help because they are pretty hard to get through. Be careful if you’re doing it alone.
Remove the seeds using a big spoon.
Do the best you can to remove all of them.
Pop your butternut squash into the oven and cook for 45 minutes.
Sometimes it may even take up to an hour depending on the size of the squash.
Test the squash by poking it with a fork.
The center should be very mushy and the fork should sink with minimal pressure.

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