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Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the Love of EBay

Okay I admit it. I have a problem. I LOVE EBay. And I do mean LOVE. I could get lost for hours. I try to limit myself, but when I find myself with nothing to do I can hear it call my name. here. Search me. Bid me. Max your bid higher. You know you want to. And I do.

And then that of course leads me to my next addiction. Blingy Thingys. The chunkier, the flashier, the BIGGER the better. These are a few that I already have.

These are a few that EBay made me bid on.

I will be stalking my mail man next week. So if he is your relative. Please warn him.

Last night's work out was hard. I mean they are all hard, but since I had T-Rex arms it was really hard. It was hard to balance and work on your core when you look like this.

We started out on the stair stepper thingy-ma-bob.

I.hate.that.thing. It always reminds me how freaking out of shape I am. (yeah almost everything reminds me of that at some point). Well last night they were stacked up as high as the ceiling. Okay well maybe not THAT high, but I swear they were up to my knees. I had to stand besides them and take one leg and step up. That's it. Yeah. Man that was hard. Hard because I have no core strength, and hard because my T-Rex arms were flailing around and not able to give me much balance.

Moving on. Next we got to go out into the 'boys' side of the gym. I was happy knowing that I had a shirt on that would not allow a repeat of the last time we were on this side. And that there wasn't a lot of people there like there was the night before. Not that I give a crap what they think, just that I don't like feeling like I am in the way. So we went to something called The Smith Machine.

It was kinda scary, but it was not that bad. It is designed to help you do squats, and lift weights etc in CORRECT form. That is the key here. CORRECT form. Wow. Doing squats using this machine made me realize how totally crappy my posture is. Blech. Hopefully as I slim down, I will be able to work on that. I am thinking once I feel a little better about myself I will then be strutting my tail feathers.

Of course there was lunges, knee kicks, lifts, and a whole slew of other painful things mixed all in the middle of this. All in all it was a great work out. My T-Rex arms were feeling a little better by the time I left. When I left I had to run into Wal-mart to pick up a couple of things and left my calorie counter on.

Total Time working out and running into Wally World: 1 hour 51 minutes. Total calories burned 1772. Not to freaking shabby.

Since my weight watcher days I have always used a digital scale to measure and weigh my foods. It's an awesome practice to get in to. I know a lot of people can eye ball a serving and know pretty much how much it is, but lets face it. If I could do that, do you think I would weigh 356871 lbs? I think not.

Any ways, this morning as I was packing my lunch I got the scale out and measured ONE serving of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing.

I have learned on this journey that FF is NOT the way to go. It has so much sodium in it, you are better off going with the good stuff. (See Justin I AM learning something). So I am reading the bottle and one serving size is 1 oz, or 28g. Now this doesn't sound like much. At least it didn't to me. BUT this is what it actually looks like.

And believe it or not, it was PLENTY to have with my carrots for lunch. It was a total of 132 calories and I was one happy camper. I never felt deprived or cheated at all.

Well that is all I have for you today. I hope you are having a great day like me. I love feeling this way.


kathy.shilling said...

You are a nut and I absolutely love you and love reading what's in your brain.
Now for the dressing, why didn't you use those fancy smancy cute little cups with lids that I gave you and Anna a bizzilion of. Just asking!!!

Anonymous said...

I love ebay! I can lose hours searching for stuff! I agree with you on the dressing. Life is too short for the fat-free stuff.

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