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Monday, October 18, 2010

Friend Making Monday-That Turned into Tuesday

Well I had every intention to post this yesterday, but time got away from me and before I knew it, it was too late. So here I am one day late (the story of my life really). Shrinking Kenz over at All the Weigh posted this great way to get to know some fellow bloggers. All you need to do is just copy the question below and share your unique answer on your blog. Link up at the bottom of this post then take a few minutes to visit and comment on other FMM blog posts. The question was What is your favorite holiday?

I would have to say my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love that it is the beginning of fall, and its the start of the holiday rush. I don't really care for the creepy part of Halloween, as much as I do the cutesy stuff. I love all the vibrant colors. The oranges, purples, and greens. My kids are too old to dress up now, but I always looked forward to helping them pick out a costume.

Of course the candy don't hurt either :-) LOL But this year I will steer clear. It doesn't even phase me anymore. It's kinda weird that the want is not there. But I do know it is still early...LOL.

This weekend was great! I got to spend some MUCH needed family time with my clan. I love it when we all are able to just get away from everything, so we only have ourselves to entertain each other. The last time we all 4 spend any time together was for vacation back in July.

First stop of Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. We have been here several times before. But for a FREE tour you just can't beat it. There is lot's of cool exhibits and lots of interactive things to do. It has been a while since we were there and we loved it just the same.

After that stop we headed to the big flea market! I LOVE flea markets! I love looking at what some people collect and what some people think that other people would buy! I did score some really sweet deals while we were there.

I picked up this necklace for TWO FREAKING BUCKS! Best deal of the day, hands down. After we finished up there we puttered down the road and headed to the Outlet Mall. The boy's opted to stay in the car for a mini nap, while Kayla and I power shopped! Talk about a work out!

I picked up a couple new necklaces, including this one. And a of course some new blingy rings too. After we were done we headed to Imperial Palace Spa and Casino to eat dinner. They have an amazing buffet there! Man it was HUGE! I did really good tho. I stick with the non fried seafood. Crabs, and clams and oysters oh my!

Yesterday was my first workout of the week with Justin. I was able to squeeze in 1.25 miles on the dreadmill before he got there. And then we hit the torture room. He is working with me to improve my leg and core strength (Did I mention you could push me over with a feather?) Yeah no kidding, allllllllllll of this. So it consisted of lots of squats and kicks and sit ups and all sorts of evil things. Let's just say that I was READY when my session ended.

1 hour 23 minutes. 1162 calories burned. Sold!
He even challenged me to complete my 5K on October 30, in under 50 mins. It's going to be hard, but I took the challenge! Wish me luck!
Tonight is my first 5K of the week. I was able to complete 3 last week. I am hoping to do the same this week. I have 11 more days to get ready for the real deal. I will let you know how my time is.
I have gotten so many sweet messages after my last post. Thank each one of you for taking the time and contacting me. I love visiting each of your blogs and checking in on your journey's too. I think blogging will play a huge part in me being successful. Thanks for stopping by.


♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

Wow! There are so many positives to cover in this post. First, I LOVE the necklaces. :)

Also, I think it's wonderful that you've accepted the 5k challenge. I just came in from a walk, and I feel so good when I'm finished. :)

Keep up the excellent work!

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